Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is this life?...

"Time is limited, live your own life ,not someone else's life", says every advisor. However, the stark reality of life has something else to say. Man as a social animal has to abide by the so-called laws of a society. And when one tries to go against this code of life, it makes hue and cry over it. Ultimately, one falls under the clutches of this cruel society and gets a cut in one's free wing .

As one gets an insight into the benefits gained by the society through trimming one's wing of freedom, one is astonished to learn that there are no such benefits which they gain. This grouping of individuals which we have named as society does nothing other than hindering in one's growth. It does such things only to hide its own shortcomings.

Despite knowing all these barbarisms of this insensitive society, yet some sect of people are unable to go against the norms of it. And if one goes against the codes set by them then he/she is being called as insensitive towards his/her family. One can tolerate anything but not a word against one's family. Family is such an institution where one has to have a second thought of any new step he/she wants to take up. It is essential to review one's thought when it comes to family . We ,Indians, like western cannot think to live on our own without family by our sides. It is this emotional attachment that one finds hard to break off from and then one feels the need to review his/her doings which may go against the family.

Saying everyone to live life on their own is not difficult but it indeed is a difficult task to live on our own. One cannot detach oneself from the bonds with the so-called society that easily even if one is willing. That is where one lives not his/her life but someone else's. And try to find his/her happiness in other's life. Living a life which is not yours is christened as a life by the society in this stage where we all perform our acts till our death . Truly, " All the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players."