Monday, April 13, 2009

Is it all about loving your parents?...

Love is the ultimate thing which binds this world into a single thread. And to be in love with the closed ones of one’s life is the best thing to happen in his or her life. Parents are one such love of one’s life that brings up and foster their children in a best possible way. The bond between a parent and his/her children is the strongest one ever existed in this mighty world. However, this inseparable tie is ought to break some or the other day due to some unavoidable reasons. One of the many reasons is the expiry of a parent or a child, another being the hassle between them and the like. Further there are several causes which turn this pious relationship into a polluted one.

A parent, particularly the father, is a person who brings his children up in the society and he is the one who looks after their well being. In present times, every progeny of him is given a quality education and all other basic necessities irrespective of the gender. We are living in the twenty first century where boys and girls are treated equally with no prejudice. But there are some exceptions where we see some kind of bias prevailing in a society. Female children‘s freedom to express themselves are curbed by their family members in some society. Even though we claim about the civilization and development our nation have attained still there are many loopholes which hinder our nation’s growth. One of the main reasons of this hindrance is the torture, be it mental or physical, done to a girl child by her own family members specially her father.

Recently, father raping his own daughter has been doing the rounds in almost all the headlines of the media. The exposure of many such tainted fathers is the order of the day. Father being a rapist of his own blood is a height ! To satiate his insatiable desires, these male parents have broken all the ethos and customs of the society and landed themselves into such a shameful act. Some people term it as incest, but it should be remembered that incest is a sexual encounter between close relatives with each other consent. So, in this case, it cannot be called as incest but a rape. Mental trauma would be the exact term which can be used for the state of mind; the victim must be going through. One can at least bear the physical torture but the mental one is intolerable !

Exploiting one’s own children is an acme. And the people indulging in this crime should be awarded crucifixion so that they can realise what sin they have committed and it’s not repeated in his lifetime. Also, the victim of such rape cases should not be hesitant and should try to come out from this vicious cycle like what has been done by the other victims from Maharashtra, Amritsar and the like. One is not destined to suffer all his/her lifetime, happy days await for everyone after every sad day. Well, it is of a great happiness that these brave victims are able to come out from this life terminating cycle but there are many more daughters who are suffering this violence silently and surrendering their lives in the hands of some parasites, their so-called fathers. They should pile up their guts and be able to break this barrier and lead a bright future ahead. The concern authorities should try and help in overcoming and uprooting this menace as soon as possible.

It is due to all these happenings that we are bound to give a second thought about the love one should have towards his/her family. Although it is impossible to think of loving a parent in the aforesaid situation, yet one is hesitant to even think of breaking the linkage with their parents. But of course, a victim of the above mentioned case would not be able to recreate that unbreakable bond that is why one of the victims of such a rape case has urged that she wants to kill his father! In spite of all this crime, one cannot stop loving one’s parents and one gets same love or more from them but it is unfortunate that some of us do not acquire the love one craves for !