Wednesday, March 18, 2009

swearing by democracy...

It is an utmost truth that democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people. But in the name of democracy, the so called representatives of people of our nation are leaving no stone unturned to fetch their vote banks in the upcoming election. All the politicos and their parties are going gaga over their plans and intentions. They are indulging in big promises, swears, proclamations and what not regarding the development of the nation. These politicians swear by their manifestoes wherein they have put down their plans, intentions, policies and many more for the betterment of the nation. However, when the time comes for the implementation of their manifestoes, they just discard them and start doing their own things of profit-making. This is an unfortunate scenario, a status quo, of our nation which lies in the hands of some parasites.

During election days, the leaders and scions of different political parties try to outwit one another to grasp the attention of the public. This is the peak season of showering lies to the public in which they are adept at. One party proclaims to be secular, another assures to uplift their community and other promises to fight for the plight of the marginalised section of the country. The formation of alliances and the breakup of the same are the common scenario during election days. Giving ‘gaalis’(rebukes) to one another before the poll and clasping the same people during post poll are the common features  in this nation. There exist many more similar features like the above mentioned. The dirty games of this sect of people to gain the control of the nation are still on the run.

Even if we, the people, know the politics designed and played by these politicos still we are not in a position to confront them. The basic cause of this is that we are left with limited options to choose from when balloting. One sees the same set of candidates contesting the election again and again, moreover, who have broken our trust for end number of times. There are restricted numbers of newcomers in this field. Although our land needs some budding and zealous leaders yet the older ones are restricting the growth of these buds. However, we cannot deny the fact that there are some quarters of youngsters and dedicated leaders in our political system that can bring about a change in a positive way. Even though the quarters are in a lesser quantity, still our citizen should try to encourage young leaders who can lead India in a far better way.

 Let us keep our fingers crossed for this upcoming Lok Sabha election and hope that this time; some apt leaders come for our rescue from the clutches of the existing parasites (withal, it is a hypothetical statement). But to hope for the best, we have to be participatory enough and this means that come what may, we should not waste our adult franchise.  At least, one has the option to choose the best among the worst !  Thus, we should try to clinch back our right to breathe freely in an open air; we must strive for the best and help one another to climb the ladder of development sooner. And last but not the least; we should try to create a system where the genuine meaning of democracy is given deference.