Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anything for a cause

Youth love to support any cause and they never fail to flaunt what they support. Be it global warming, slum issues, deforestation, child labour, female infanticide, gay rights and the like; yes, you name it, they have it. Nowadays, you ask any youth specially the school and the college goers, they will surely tell you that they support a cause and will also try to show it off.

Scorching Sun or heavy rains or chilly December days, today's enthusiastic youth do not care of such hindrances and make it a point to hit the roads, streets, audis, schools, colleges among others supporting their causes. I am sure many of you must have noticed it. As I too witnessed this scene only a day before yesterday, it was an awareness campaign on climate change where I was one of the speakers (yes, yes, I am a member of an NGO called NECEER) , youth throng there in a huge number despite the day being Sunday. Only few of them were very concerned about the cause, others just came to get the certificate, badge, newsletters, posters etc. so that they can show off to their friends and acquaintances that they are associated with a cause and are really concerned about it.

Well, I know a junior of mine who proudly told me (I am sure he must have told this to everyone he knows) that he is associated with 25 NGOs and he is supporting around 150 causes! How he manages to support so many causes despite being an engineering student, only God knows. One can easily spot him for he always wears badges, carries flyer, pamphlets etc. of the causes he supports wherever he goes. I can only hope that he knows what are the problems behind climate change, global warming, female infanticide and the like.

Besides, there are so-called PETA activists, most of them models, who pose almost nude for the PETA campaign just for the sake of publicity. No, no, not only for the campaign but for their own publicity, these lot do such things and flaunting what they endorse is one of them. By the way, I don't see any logic behind showing your own skin for saving some endangered animal's skin. Are there no other ethical ways to save animals from unethical treatment apart from posing nude? I can only wonder.

Flaunting a cause is order of the day. Not only this male junior of mine is showing off what he supports but also thousands of youngsters are leaving no stone unturned to do the same. Anyway, as far as they are supporting the cause, it hardly matters whether this lot is flaunting or doing anything to publicise themselves (which is directly proportional to publicising the cause). But one thing is for sure that today's youth love to support any causes. And they can do anything for it.

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